Sooo today my mom and I had to mini getaway to the Big apple. The weather was perfect for all the walking we did. We made it all the way to Allen street that just so happen to be where the official Baby,the star shines bright shop was located. It was such a cute little shop (that didn’t allow me to take any photos). All I could afford was my little bear key chain. Overall, I’m just so grateful and happy because I really love lolita.

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isacuomo asked:

I've been thinking about getting my hair locked, but I was afraid it wouldn't work with lolita. Now I've found your blog and now I know it works. Your hair and your coords are amazing! You inspired me so much! <3


I’m honestly a little speechless. This is like the first time anyone has told me my locs work with lolita. When it comes to lolita I feel so self conscious at times… but then I remind myself of what really matters, and to accept myself as is. I’m sure you would look absolutely gorgeous with loccs or whatever way you wear your hair. Thank you so much - I’m glad I’ve given you some inspiration ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ!