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How to Accept Yourself


1. Focus on your positive qualities. It’s true that we can all improve in some ways – but start by finding your good qualities – and recognise that these are a major part of who you are.

2. Be aware of, and fight against, your negative self-talk. Negative self talk can quickly snowball and become…

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leilockheart eatcleanmakechanges
pocketbeastie said: Darling, you are absolutely gorgeous, and your style is so great and amazing! :D I know I don't reblog from you very often, but I just had to say that I love everything that you post!!
I replied:

wow ;__; that really means a lot to me and is totally un expected.thank you and i hope you enjoy the rest of your day/ evening <3

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johnflans said: I've been going through some stuff lately and your blog is so uplifting, thank u
I replied:

oh youre so welcome! i try so hard to send out good vibes and stay positive, we all need more of that ^___^

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endlessyuji said: Your outfits are always adorable!
I replied:

wow, i really appreciate that yuji-san ^^

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sentofuku said: You're cousin looks beautiful !!!
I replied:

haha of course she does, the best thing she can wear is her smile and she was so so happy that day *beams*

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ruskirach said: Pssst guess what you're really cute keep being cute in your Lolita you rock <3
I replied:

;_; awe thank you so much

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