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Currently sitting in my bed naked eating a huge bowl of lucky charms. Food, lately.. just doesn’t taste as good as it use too. Sometimes I regret eating, especially if it doesn’t taste as good as I thought it would. I like to snack a LOT. I carry around fruits, chips, and occasionally candy. I put them in baggies when I’m at home prepping lunch for the next day. Like I said,  I love to snack but lately, I don’t just eat when I’m hungry. It happens when I’m bored, when I feel sad, when I’m around someone and I think it’ll make talking more easier. I also have this water bottle, that I placed a cinnamon stick in and I suck on that too. I know what a better choice but still .. I sometime feel like It’s pointless. Im never hungry and I’m never not hungry. What does that even mean?

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My first LSD trip of 2012 <3
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Let us eat!
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Can I just make cupcakes like this every time I step into the kitchen”??
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